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Governor Haley Urges Legislature to Fund Roads

Last week Gov. Nikki Haley held a  press conference calling for the legislature to invest the additional $100  million in new, one-time revenue that was announced by the Board of Economic  Advisors (BEA) in our state’s highway system. Haley called for investing those  dollars towards interstate expansion and road and bridge repair.

As the full  House Ways and Means Committee begins their work on the budget, Haley urged them to allocate the new revenue towards the state’s crumbling roads and  bridges. Carolinas AGC Board Chair Scott Fant, Sloan Construction, took the time to talk to Gov. Haley’about the state’s highway needs at her press conference.

The Carolinas AGC also reports that the SC Senate Medical Affairs  subcommittee gave a favorable as amended report to H.3290, the Business  Freedom to Choose Act or better known as flow control. The majority of  presenters testified against the bill. Sen. Ray Cleary made a motion to insert  the language that the senate passed in 2012 and his motion as approved. The  legislation is designed to prohibit local governments from enacting flow control ordinances on solid waste disposal. Carolinas AGC and several business  groups support this legislation because it does not give local governments an unfair competitive advantage over private enterprises. Read More.


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