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House K-12 Building Need Committee Meets

The House Ways and Means K-16 Building Need and Utilization Study Committee met to continue their discussion of “Formula vs. Need.”  Carolinas AGC’s NewBreak reports the committee received presentations from Marsha Adams, Executive Director of the Budget and Control Board (B&CB) and Rick Harmon of the State Treasurer’s Office. The members present, Chairman Brian White, Reps. Roland Smith, Chip Limehouse, Gilda Cobb-Hunter, Kenny Bingham and Jimmy Merrill, took no formal vote on any subject.

During the meeting, Ms. Adams gave the members a brief overview of the limited role the B&CB plays in decisions on K-16 building programs. Mr. Harmon’s lengthy testimony included debt/expenditures, higher education financing/bonding and rating agencies, of which the members had numerous questions.

Prior to adjourning, staff reviewed a survey they will be sending to all K-16 entities. Chairman White said the committee would have legislation ready, after hearing from all interested parties, and that it would be “all encompassing”.

The Isolated Wetlands and Carolina Bays Task Force also met last week to continue their work as tasked by the legislature in 2012. Carolinas AGC noted the group reviewed the comments for the proposed report of this task force. The committee worked from a motion that deleted mitigation from the report and amended several of the comments from the working document – including deleting any political statements such as “given the current political climate”.

Members also spent time prioritizing the sections for the report. The task force directed staff to work with the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and DHEC to develop language that would not contradict current law. They also directed staff to forward to the members the new language that would include the amendments made during the meeting which, after review and approval, will be prepared to submit in a report to the members of the General Assembly.  Read More


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